Joseph CORRRnell

An awesome collection of Joseph Cornell's creations are currently on show at the Wanderlust exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts until 27 September. 

I didn't know anything about this fascinating early 20th century artist until a clever friend suggested we go over the bank holiday weekend. (High-five AmyGee). It was one of those happy discoveries, made all the better by having no expectations, not knowing I was about to encounter all kinds of beautiful, endearing objects and collages and constructions.

What appealed so much to me about Cornell is that I could closely associate with his infatuation with and need to collect intriguing bits of ephemera. But instead of keeping them in drawers and occasionally feeling guilty and recycling them, he took the next step and developed them into intricate pieces of art or simply archived them in excellent ways.

While I don't have the mad skills  or the right kind of patience to aspire to be an oil painter or a sculptor, for example, I like choosing graphics, I enjoy putting imagery together, and my tongue sticks out because I concentrate so happily when I cut things out with a scalpel. Cornell's work is obtainable and accessible and therefore utterly inspirational. It's like when I saw the Matisse cut-outs exhibition. I just wanted to cut everything out. I didn't though... but I'm not going to let that desire pass me by this time. WATCH OUT HORDED PIECES OF PAPER AND GRAPHICS. I'm coming for you.  

(Image isn't particularly representative of the above, but I was too busy looking at things to take any more photos...)